Mr. Singh is a 39 year veteran Financial Advisor out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on a mission to empower Christians globally to become financially free through a network of local Roone153™ Financial Advisors. He began his career as a life insurance agent in 1984 and was led by God in 2012 to spearhead the Roone153™ Financial Advisors Ministry.
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Roone153™ Financial Advisors is a network of local Roone153™ Financial Advisors, across the globe, on a mission to empower local Christians to become financially free through a commitment to The10Steps2FinancialFreedom™ - a unique, universal, lifelong, biblically-based and eternity-focused financial plan. 

50% of our after-tax profits are used to fund ministries in The1040Window in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Disclaimer: The average 30 year inflation rate in Canada upto 2022 is 3.8% instead of 2.5% upto 2018 as suggested in the presentation which was prepared in 2019.